Payday loan debt solution -Find out payday loan consolidation companies today

Find out payday loan consolidation companies today

If you have several small leverages or consumer loans in your account, then before applying for a loan, you may want to consider other ways to pay off these before applying for a new loan.

When you get even a few small VIPs shortened at once, your monthly payment will be reduced to the level you are currently tolerating.

Applying for a payday loan consolidation via companies that can help consolidate loans is worthwhile. However, it often requires changing one’s own consumption habits and increasing the systematic nature of the economy.

If you are ready for this, then consolidating payday loans will go a long way towards a debt-free life.

Why Combine Loans?

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a large number of small loans to pay off, with monthly installments starting to be too high for your income, then in this situation, you may want to consider combining these loans into one larger loan.

So by combining your loans, you can reduce the monthly installment of your loans to your income and leave more than just paying off your leverage.

The benefit of a bigger loan is not only a smaller monthly installment but also a much lower interest rate. You can currently save thousands of US dollars per year on interest expenses alone.

It is a good idea to talk to your bank about loan consolidation or to apply for a bigger loan to consolidate loans online.

Below we have listed the most popular loan services on the web that offer their clients the opportunity to combine loans:

1. Cream Bank

Cream Bank is a Norwegian bank that has just entered the Finnish loan market. The bank is one of Norway’s most popular banks and you can apply for a consolidation loan up to USD 60,000.

Even though Cream Bank has just landed in Finland, it has gained great popularity among consumers within a short period of time.

The big reason for the sharp rise in popularity is that the bank offers loans at really low-interest rates. Applying for a loan itself is also a very quick process, and it is done from the start to the sofa.

If you want to consolidate your loans, we can warmly recommend Cream Bank for this purpose!

2. Litebank

Like Cream Bank, Litebank is a Norwegian bank where you can apply for a consolidation loan up to $ 50,000. You can choose between 1-15 years.

You can apply for a loan from Litebank if you are over the age of 23 and you do not have any defaults on your account.

Applying for a loan is a quick online application and requires no collateral or guarantors. The nominal interest rate on the loans is only 7.99%.

3. Brokeloan

Brokeloan is a loan brokerage service that competes for the best loan among several banks. The application is free and you do not have to accept the loan offers you have received.

You can apply for a loan of up to $ 60,000 and have a flexible payment term of up to 15 years.

Brokeloan offers a very comprehensive range of partner banks, so you can be pretty sure you’ll find a competitive loan offer through Brokeloan.

4. SSI

SSI is a popular loan brokerage service that allows you to compete for the best loan from up to 20 lenders with one free application.

You can apply for a consolidation loan through the SSI for 500 to 70,000 US dollars with a 1 to 15-year maturity.

The SSI has been active in the loan market since 2001, so it is a truly reliable service. It also has the largest network of co-operatives in Finland at the moment, so you can be confident that with the help of SSI you will find the best loan offer for you.

5. Share Financing

Like SSI, Share Finance is a loan brokerage service. You can apply for credit through Share Finance up to $ 60,000 with truly flexible payment times.

Share Finance has almost as many partners as the SSI, and its list also includes the traditional Cream Bank.

Applying for a loan through Share Finance is always free for you, and you will receive quotes from various banks in your e-mail within the same day of filling out the application.

6. Complete Bank

Complete Bank is a relatively new loan service in the Finnish loan market and offers a flexible loan up to USD 50,000.

Complete Bank differs from other loan consolidation services in that its loan has no fixed repayment term.

So, if you want, you can, for example, pay only the interest on the loan every month. The nominal interest rate of the loan is only 4.99%!

7. Lender

The lender is a truly well-known loan service in Finland, where you can apply for a consolidation loan very quickly and easily.

You can apply for a loan of USD 500-50,000 through Lender and get a very flexible payment period of up to 15 years!

Applying for a loan is free and does not bind you to anything. In one application, you will receive several loans offers that you can choose to best suit you.

8. Compare the first loan

First loaner is a specialized loan bidding service that allows you to bid for your loan through up to 60 different loan providers.

You can apply for a loan up to USD 60,000 without any collateral or guarantees.

Applying for a loan is always free and you do not have to accept the loan offers you receive.

Consider These When Considering Loan Combinations

If you are in a situation where you need to consider combining loans and want to get rid of your debts, then before you make this decision, it is a good idea to make another decision that you will not take any more loans after you have merged until you have settled.

If you continue to take out small loans after the loan consolidation, you will soon find yourself in the same loop as before

Before you consolidate your loans, consider your financial situation holistically, taking into account all your expenses and income, so that you understand your situation as well as possible.

Keep in mind that combining loans does not eliminate the problem, but makes it much easier to solve.

Where Is An Eligible Credit For Combining Loans?

On this site, you will find comparisons of nearly 100 loan services in our loan application section. Compare places and find the best solution for your situation. Since you are combining loans, you probably need a slightly larger loan online.

Cream Bank, Share Finance and Lender already offer loans of up to USD 70,000 and these services also provide a tailor-made combination of loans. Therefore, we recommend starting a comparison and asking for a loan offer from these loan services.

You should also check out foreign loan services. Applying for a consolidation loan is also sometimes very cheap. When you are combining loans, you should consider applying for a loan with a joint applicant. With 2 applicants on the loan, the chances of getting a loan, especially on larger loans, will increase considerably.

The consolidated loan from Stone Bank

Today, the easiest way to combine loans is to go straight online, but of course, you can also negotiate a mortgage with your own bank.

If you are successful in doing so, the interest rates on your loan will generally be lower than on a compounding loan taken over the Internet, but in return, larger loans, in particular, will usually require some form of guarantee or security.

When applying for a bank loan, you will also very often have to go to a bank to get a bad loan. However, due to increased competition, online consolidation loans are no longer very expensive compared to those of stake banks. For example, Complete Bank offers a loan with a nominal interest rate of 4.99%.

Combining Loans With A Mortgage


This is a question we are often asked. Unfortunately, we cannot give a straight and always correct answer to this. Combining loans with a mortgage always depends on your bank and the type of financial situation you have.

The feeling at the moment (2019) is that this is not at all easy. Until a few years ago, banks granted loans of this kind with a fairly open hand, but the recent difficult financial situation has made money tightening in banks.

However, you should ask your bank for a definitive answer.

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